Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Bowl of Thanksgiving Chowdah

Hi, Everybody!  It's me, Chowdah.  Mom is doing some decorating, so I asked her if I pitch hit for her, and she said yes. 

Chili is in one of her diva moods, so that's why I'm in charge.  

Today, I wanna show you some pics from our Thanksgiving weekend.

I think my #1 Sista has been spending too much time on Instagram.  She was home for less than an hour and she started dressing me up.   

I'm closing my eyes cuz I'm embarrassed, and I don't want anyone to see me.

Chili is making fun of me behind my back.

#1 didn't even try to dress Chili up cuz Mom lost 2 fingers getting this new coat on her.  Between you and me, I think Chili should be on medication.

Meanwhile, #2 Sis was in the kitchen cooking her own dinner.  She has special dietary requirements, so she likes to cook her own food.  
Dad's not happy when he has to share his kitchen. 

He never has to worry about Mom ever using his stove, so this is a new experience for him.

Dad's googling: How do I get my kid outta my kitchen.

Here's a few pics of some of the food they noshed on over the weekend.  I can't tell you whether it was very good cuz nobody offered me a bite.

Not that I'm bitter or anything...

Garlic and herb goat cheese and tomato concasse

Pork belly tacos and naan

Dad's famous Brie

My family also went out to lunch and to the movies a few times.      
I can't tell you if it was fun because I wasn't invited.
Not that I'm bitter or anything...

Mom also took the girls out to buy them some new makeup so they would pose for a picture for a Christmas card with a smile.  

This is where I am sad that I can't sit on the girls' laps too.

Oh yeah?
Who said I can't?!

I told you that she was a diva.

But unfortunately, the pics didn't come out too good, and no one could agree on which one to use.

But Mom still had fun.

After the girls left, Mom took a zillion pics of us.  She was so happy with this one.  Mom was all set to have them made up for the cards and then realized she lost her address book.  So if there's no card in the mail from the Preppy Empty Nesters, you'll know why.

Not that Mom's bitter or anything...

Friday, December 2, 2016

Not the Average Joe Gadgets

Hello, dear friends.  TGIF.  I hope that you had a good week.  Mine was a little work and a little play.  The tree is decorated, but the halls have yet to be decked.  Oh well, I'm in no rush.  As long as it's all done by the time it's ready to be taken down.  

There are a couple of things that I need to share with you when it comes to the Mister and the art of gift giving.  The Mister likes to get his shopping done early, which is good.  He gets very excited for his choice of gift for me, so excited, in fact, that he likes to give it to me the moment that he walks in the door.  I try to tell him that I would like to be surprised on Christmas, but he will have none of it.  After relenting, and opening my three-week-early gift, the Mister proceeds to ask me if I really like his choice for weeks to come.

The Mister is a different kind of gift receiver, as well.  The minute he finds out that I bought him a gift, he promptly asks me if it's a toy.  On Christmas Eve, when he is opening presents, he rips through the packages faster than a hyperactive four-year-old.  The boxes that look like they may contain clothes are left to the bottom of the pile.  To the Mister, it's all about the almighty toy.

So, in homage to the Mister, I offer you a few man toys for your consideration if your guy is a fan of toys, as well.  

Mister, as you are skimming this post, keep this in mind.  
Sweaters are cool too. 

For the traveler in your life that doesn't have much luck when it comes to checking his luggage, this bag tracker will take all of the stress out of worrying about not having clean underwear or a toothbrush for an important meeting. 
There is one caveat, though.  
He's got to remember to pack the tracker.

Would you prefer to have your selfies taken farther than your arms can reach?  Nobody wants to see your pores or what you had for lunch stuck between your teeth.  This selfie pen controls your iPhone camera with the click of a button.  


For the camper in your life - a flashlight AND handwarmer.  
That's what I call a dynamic duo. 


For the chef who isn't quite sure when the meat is completely done,  this thermometer can let him know what's happening on the grill  while he's got his feet up watching the game.


After receiving all the praise for the delicious dinner, the chef can save his elbow grease for the TV clicker and put this automatic grill cleaner to good use.


For the grill sergeant in the family that believes that there is a place for everything and everything in its place, this apron is sure to be a home run.  It will keep him hydrated, as well.


For the guy who hates to do yard work, an automatic lawn mower will be the hit of the holiday.  Be sure to keep the pets inside.

Your man will be the coolest cat at the tailgate party with this state-of-the-art cooler.  It has a built-in ice crushing blender.  
I smell daiquiris and instant popularity.

For the guy who likes to share his vacation photos on his iPhone with the neighbors, this projector will be a picture-perfect gift.  
Now all he needs is a captive audience.


If you're dating a guy who doesn't have enough energy to stir the cream in his coffee, the first thing you should do is buy this self-stirring mug for him.  The second thing you should do is to drop him like a hot potato.


There is no guessing or rounding out numbers with this digital tape measure.  My Mister has every measuring device and leveler known to man.  But when it comes to hanging pictures, he chooses to "eye" it.  Our walls look like it, too.  

Your date will be the big man on campus with this double drink dispenser.   Now that's what I call a people pleaser.


For the young Dad who doesn't want to step on a lone Lego or Barbie shoe, these slippers will help him step in the right direction.


And last but certainly not least, for the guy who means well but has a bad aim, this potty light will save you a lot of work.

By the way... the Mister brought home one of these for me two days before my colonoscopy.  My guy spoils me rotten.  I thanked him by calling his doctor and booking his colonoscopy the following week.

What was the best toy that you bought your Mister?

Until next time...