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Monday, May 21, 2018

Wedding Chat & Coffee with the Authors

Hello, dear friends.  I am suffering from a Royal Wedding Overload.  I found myself glued to the TV most of Saturday.  Here are my thoughts in a few words. 


My fave.
How come my shoulders don't look like that?

A Class Act.

Stand By Me brought tears to my eyes.

As did, the Ave Maria.

My favorite pic.

The Mister's favorite pic.

Who are these people again?
 Boy, has she ever let herself go...


Last week, I attended another Breakfast With The Authors sponsored by my favorite bookstore, Buttonwood Books & Toys. I met my pal, Anne and two of her lovely friends there.

These photos were taken last year.  Last week it was overcast.   I wanted to refresh your memories of what a pretty place The Lightkeeper's House is in Cohasset.

It's very difficult for me to sneak out of the house without Miss Daisy tagging along.

Buttonwood always finds the best caterers for their breakfasts.
Fresh Feast was fabulous!

It was so great to see Kathy, the owner of Buttonwood.  
She welcomed us all.

This is Mira T. Lee who wrote Everything Here Is Beautiful

Everything Here Is Beautiful is about two sisters. The older and more responsible one finds herself continuously rescuing her younger sister who suffers from mental illness.  It is a touching story of sisterly love and devotion.

Stephen McCauley is the author of My Ex-Life.  He was a very entertaining speaker.  He must be a wonderful guest at a dinner party. 

My Ex-Life centers around David and Julie who divorced years ago due to David falling in love with a man.  As the book opens, both of their lives are falling apart.  David decides to leave his home in San Francisco and visit Julie and her teenage daughter in a seaside town outside of Boston. That's when the fun begins. 

By the way... My Ex-Life was written up in People Magazine a couple of weeks ago.

Rebel Talent is about changing the world by breaking the rules.  I truly enjoyed Francesca Gino's speech so much that I bought a copy of her book for the Mister for Father's Day.
Don't tell him... he's hoping for the Royal Blue Jag.

I'll tell you one thing... Francesco Gino can tell a great story.  She shared an interesting one out of Rebel Talent about the world's greatest chef.  He is faced with a dilemma and decides to think outside the box in solving it.  If you want to know the whole story, you're going to have to buy the book.

The guests had the opportunity to meet the authors and have their books signed after the presentation.

Afterward, I had lunch with Anne and my new friends, Carolyn and Laura.

If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood of Cohasset, stop by Buttonwood Books & Toys.  They have beautiful gift items as well as a stellar staff and great books and toys.

Until next time...

Friday, May 18, 2018

Beacon Hill Garden Tour - Take 4

Hello, dear friends.  I hope you had a good week.  I am less than 24 hours out on the royal wedding watch, and I feel like I know more about Meghan and her family than Harry does!

On Wednesday, I met my cousin, Louise and my friend Doris for lunch.  I asked Linda along because Louise shares her last name.  They figured out that they probably weren't related but it was still a delightful time.

Yesterday I spent the day with some buddies touring the gardens in Beacon Hill which is a historic neighborhood in Boston.  I look forward to this event every year.  If you would like to look back on past tours you can find them here, here, and here.

We lucked out with the weather.  
It was cool and overcast.
Last year the temps hit the mid 90's.

We made way for the ducklings.

Here are the two best-dressed ladies at the tour. 
Annie and Mary are big fans of Sara Campbell.

We all had on our comfy shoes.
The streets are not easy to maneuver, but I'm glad to say there were no broken ankles in this bunch.

The ladies from the garden club are always warm and welcoming.

There was no way that Miss Daisy was going to miss this event!

The window boxes along the way never fail to disappoint.

The lines were long for some of the houses.  They moved quickly, and I always meet the nicest people.

My tour guides.

Holy wisteria, Batman!

These white birches were stunning.

Annie taking a breather. 
I wanted to fight her for the chair.

I never met a hydrangea that I didn't like!

Miss Daisy taking a breather.

I love this color combo.

A living wall was the focal point of one of the gardens.

Three lovely friends.
Twelve magnificent gardens.
8,893 steps.
One delightful day.

Until next time...

Zuzu, a friend we met along the way.

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